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Building Peaceful Communities for the past 25 years

Living in community can be challenging. Because everyone experiences and perceives situations differently, we sometimes need a little help seeing things from a new perspective.

Community Mediation Calgary Society (CMCS) is a registered charitable not-for-profit organization with trained volunteer mediators who provide a safe space for open and effective conversation. We follow an interest-based problem solving approach to mediation—defining problems, uncovering what is important to the participants, and reaching a resolution. The end goal is to develop understanding and empathy between participants, so they can reach a mutually agreeable resolution.


About Us

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CMCS was formed in 1993 with the vision of providing services to our members and the public.  We provide mediators with an opportunity to gain peer-evaluated practical experience, while providing community mediation as a positive alternative to resolving community disputes. Since forming, CMCS has been using collaborative dialog to help build peaceful communities.


Vision - Neighbours United

Communities practice collaborative approaches to resolve differences.


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CMCS provides and supports community-based conflict management and dispute resolution services.


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