Building Peaceful Communities




Everyone experiences situations differently and sometimes people act in ways that can be hard for others to understand. Life in community involves coming face-to-face with these differences and sometimes it creates conflict. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re an individual in a personal conflict, an organization looking to participate in a workshop, or a community group looking for an impartial third party to provide communication resources, we have effective, accessible, and free services that can help you. 

“A note to let you know that things are going well. The dog hasn’t stopped barking at passersby but in the last couple of days she has not barked at me as I go through the gate. She eyes me with suspicion but that will hopefully get better. Credit for this goes to my neighbour. He contacts us daily to come to the gate and we visit while his dog looks on. I have come to know and admire this young man for his views of the world and his dedication to this project.” – Post Mediation Comment: March 2016


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Dispute resolution between two or more parties

Our trained volunteer mediators assist individuals in a dispute to identify the issues to be resolved and encourage them to discuss their perspectives and interests. After sharing, the parties develop their own positive and collaborative solutions to form a mediated agreement.  

Conflict Assistance Meetings (CAMS)

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Resolution when only one party is willing to meet

Our trained volunteer mediators work with an individual to empower them to resolve their own conflict. The goals of conflict coaching are to encourage the participant to understand perspectives from multiple sides and to discover their personal goals. We help the participant to not only recognize barriers, but to create strategies to overcome them and achieve their goals.


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Navigating within an organization 

CMCS provides multiple workshops, which means an individual, company, or not-for-profit groups can choose topics best suited to their needs. Each workshop highlights a particular skill or concept used by our mediators and facilitators in their professional practice. Workshops run for about 90 minutes and cost $100/workshop (based on 20 participants).

Workshop Topics Include:

  • The good listener – If you are Speaking, you are Losing

  • Body language – The Good, the Bad, and the Effective

  • What about perceptions? – How you See the World is your World

  • Anger – Masking the Truth

  • Being curious – The Art of a Good Question

  • What did I just say? – Saying what you Mean and Meaning what you Say  

Community Engagement

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Leading community boards and public meetings 

In community groups there are often a variety of opinions that need to be expressed and multiple options that need to be explored. Our trained volunteer mediators model and provide skills to assist groups in creating a collaborative meeting environment. We help them manage public meetings, build understanding, and foster constructive communication. We are a valuable resource when you need an impartial third party to help conduct respectful conversations.